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Our warranty covers 100% of the unit – not just the power side.

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Fall Sale!

Prepare for the incoming cold weather, and pick up a Premium or Ultra FICM coupled with an SCT X4 programmer and Save $75!

Want to have us work on your FICM instead of doing a core exchange?  Just mention this sale on our Intake Form when you send your module in and we'll take care of the rest!

Let us set you up with EVERYTHING for your 6.0!

Let us set you up with EVERYTHING for your 6.0!

If you are having issues with either the logic or power side of your Fuel Injection Control Module, need your module programmed with either an OEM or performance tune, or just need a source for parts or information for your 6.0 to get it back on the road, you've come to the right place!

The FICM - or Fuel Injection Control Module - is responsible for deciding how much fuel to deliver to individual engine cylinders. It does so by providing voltage to open and close the individual fuel injectors that deliver already pressurized fuel to the engine.

Over time, the module begins having difficulty doing its job. Output voltages drop and the injectors no longer open and close as they should. The result? A truck that is difficult or impossible to start, especially when the engine is cold. Depending on how bad the module has become, you may also notice a significant drop in fuel economy.

FICM damage is primarily caused by weak batteries and either bad or just inadequate alternators.  The stock 110 amp alternator is the same part number from a Ford Fusion!  

The combined draw from the glow plugs and the base engine at startup is 230 amps!  Run a properly sized alternator and avoid FICM issues!  See our Maintenance Tips page for more information or just pick up a replacement and properly sized alternator from us at the same time as you get a replacement FICM! 

If you don't yet own a desulphating smart battery charger, this little unit can dramatically prolong the life of your high dollar batteries.   

The record for killing a FICM with a damaged or inadequate charging system is 15 SECONDS!!

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