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Can't afford to be down? Look at our exchange program!! Modules come pre-programmed and ready to go.

Feel free of course to mail your module into us even during the Christmas holiday. We have a secure holding area that our carriers use during our off hours. Modules received during this time will get first priority upon our return Monday morning!

Don't settle for re-solder only repairs! Get your FICM set up with a custom tune from Power Hungry Performance at the same time it is being repaired and dramatically decrease turbo lag, increase throttle response, and get better fuel economy too! Make your truck drive with near the responsiveness of a gas truck for only $150 and fall in love with your 6.0 again! See our FAQ page for more information!

Have needs for other OE or aftermarket parts like injectors, head stud kits, EGR delete packages, or coolant filters from Precision Machine or Sinister? We beat nearly everyone out there!

Got one or 100 rebuildable FICM cores taking up space? We buy complete rebuildable cores for $175 and rebuildable power boards (AKA half shells) for $60!

No starts or slow starts and bad fuel economy/black smoke are the common symptoms of a dead or dying Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM).

Common codes are P0611, P0282, P0261, P0267, P0264, P0276, P0273, P0270, P0282 and P0279.

We only have your unit 24 hours, 48 at the very outside, and get it back to you. This service replaces and upgrades the components that fail - it doesn't just resolder broken connections and hope that things work.

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http://www.thedieselstop.com/forums/f23/ficm-repair-300711/ (includes commentary about the PHP Atlas 40 tune, too)

Use our Sending Your Unit In for Repair page to find out how to send your unit in!

Check out our FAQ page for removal, testing, and other tips, including information on what causes most FICM's to fail in the first place and what you can do to minimize the chances of it failing again.

Dealers typically charge in the $750-$900 range for the non-upgraded (i.e. likely to die again since it has the same defect) version of this item, plus installation and another $125 or so for programming. Ouch!

Save the cash and let us repair and upgrade your malfunctioning unit.

Neither the repair nor upgrade will require any programming. All you have to do is remove your FICM, ship it to us, and let us take care of it!

Join the hundreds of others who have saved their money with this service!!

Repair Choices - warranties ranging from 45 days to as long as you own the truck!

We offer three different repair options on the hardware side - a basic service, a premium service, and our new ultra service.

The Basic service uses OEM grade components (NEVER just a re-solder job). For this service, we determine the issue with the module, replace the dead, dying, out-of-spec, or heat damaged parts with new OEM-grade components, test the module, and ship it back out. Of course, the use of OEM-grade parts sounds great until you realize that you are having this issue to begin with. Welcome to the basis for our other service offerings! This service is available with either a 45 day or one year warranty.

The Premium service uses components that are of dramatically higher grade than the OEM components. Here again, we NEVER just do a re-solder job. As with the basic service, we determine the issue with the module, and replace the dead, dying, or heat damaged parts. The key difference is the use of the much higher-end components that have higher temperature ratings, higher power-handling ratings, etc. combined with the replacement of any components tested that don't test out as if they were new, basically going even further to resolve the original design challenges of the module. This service comes with a two year warranty.

The Ultra service is similar to the Premium service, but uses components that are about half again better than even the components used in the Premium service. The result is a module that can withstand about 90 degrees additional heat and a module that runs cooler generally. This service comes with a lifetime warranty.

Costs are as follows:

$195 - Basic service with a 45 day warranty.

$225 - Basic service with a ONE YEAR warranty (your extra money is just buying the warranty)

$325 - Premium service with a TWO YEAR warranty

$425 - Ultra service with a LIFETIME warranty

Note that while we will repair previously worked on modules, we charge an additional $50 bench fee to assess and ultimately clean up the damage caused by other's soldering and component replacing attempts, taking extra time to ensure that neighboring components haven't been heat-damaged in the prior repair attempt.

Domestic Shipping

USPS Priority Mail (two to three days, typically) return of your unit is free! USPS Express Mail (most of the time overnight, but sometimes two day postal service shipping option) is available for an additional $40.

Canadian Shipping

USPS Priority Mail return of your unit is available for US$20. USPS Express Mail (the postal service's version of overnight) is available for an additional $55.

Use our Sending Your Unit In For Repair page to find out how to send your unit in!


Packing is incredibly important. Please pack your FICM in some bubblewrap or other good cushioning material in a box and ship it our way. The best way to protect the electrical plugs from shipping damage is to tape corrugated cardboard over the plugs. Note that these plugs frequently get damaged in shipping if not protected. Sadly, the cracked plugs are not repairable. The postal service's medium Priority Mail box is free and works nicely. You know that you have done an adequate job packing your FICM when it doesn't move around in the box.

Please include your name, return shipping method desired, preferred return shipping address, email address, a description of what symptoms you were having (any codes, trouble starting when cold, not starting at all, voltage readings, etc), and your phone number in the box with your unit.

Free return shipping includes $100 of insurance. Additional insurance is $3.00 per one hundred dollars desired.

Voltage Modifications

There are other FICM repair options that talk about the benefits of moving to a higher voltage on your FICM. In fact, following consumer demand, we used to offer these voltage increases as well. What we've learned over time, though, is that it is just a bad idea. These modules get hot enough as a result of sitting atop the engine - stressing them further by adding additional heat is just not a recipe for success.

Though we've seen just a few failures post-upgrade, a few is a few too many. Do yourself a favor and skip the voltage change. If you are having issues with injector stiction (the sticking of injectors when the engine is cold), consider migrating to a 10W30 or, better yet, a 5W40 synthetic oil instead of changing the voltage on these units. The injectors are driven by oil in the 6.0 design. Keeping the lightest weight of oil possible along with keeping it regularly changed will go a long way towards engine longevity.

Using our Hot Shot Secret oil additive, which acts as a solvent to clean the varnish and goo that forms on the injector shuttle valves, is a good way to prolong injector life. Call us at 515-897-4459 to get some on order, or simply check the boxes on our Intake Form when you send the FICM in.


For the most up to date feedback about us, check out the various discussion forums such as Powerstroke.org, Dieselstop, FTE, and PowerstrokeNation. The people on those forums are truly top shelf.

Here is some other recent feedback:

" My F250 is a beast and there are 3 things that have added years to my life: my wife, my IPhone and Ed's tuned FICM. What are you waiting for? " User buster12 on thedieselstop.com, 04-18-2012

- works great thanks

- Very prompt with service and questions , great workmanship

- Truck is running great.

- Thanks! I received it yesterday and the truck is running fine today!

- good service

- Real Nice Guy. A pleasure to do business with !!!

- Perfect Service...Works Great...Would Recommend...Fast Return...AAA+++

- very good seller, very informative

- From infinity & beyond... AWESOME. Contact if u want A1 ref 4 him

- Great Communication and service Truck fired right up

- Great to work with!

- Great seller, awesome product, will buy from again, THANKS

- Great, Fast Service, Went Above and Beyond in Fixing My FICM


Have a FICM core that you want to get rid of? Got one or 100 rebuildable FICM cores taking up space? We buy complete rebuildable cores for $175 and rebuildable power boards (AKA half shells) for $60! Please contact us!


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