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Can't afford to be down? For $50 more, do an exchange.

To send in your FICM and save that $50, just print out and complete our intake form here.

Mail the FICM, your payment, and the intake form to us at:

2295 Coolidge St
Norwalk, IA 50211

NOTE: If you have an earlier model truck (typically from a 2003 or early 2004) that has grommets in the mounting ears of the module, please remove them prior to sending us your unit as we cannot be responsible for them.

It is critical that you place bubblewrap (much preferred) or some other cushioning material around the module, paying special attention to protecting the connectors. A piece of cardboard or extra layer of bubblewrap taped over the connectors is an excellent means of providing additional connector protection. You know you have enough packing in with the module when it can no longer move around inside the box.

USPS Priority Mail shipment out to you is included in the service. USPS Express mail shipment is available for $40 (note that while Express Mail is overnight to MOST zip codes, it is TWO DAY service to some. If you absolutely NEED overnight service, please contact us so that we can look up your mailing address' expected delivery time frame via Express Mail service and make arrangements with you to ship via another carrier as necessary. UPS and FedEx overnight shipments typically run in the $80-$130 range and perhaps higher for shipments requiring Saturday delivery) .

The work performed for the 45 day ($195) and one year ($225) warranty basic services is identical - your $30 is basically buying a warranty.

The work performed for the two year ($325) premium service is different. Here, we take things a step further by using even higher end components in our work that go even further to resolve the original design challenges and more closely scrutinize the parts potentially needing replacement generally, basically replacing any components tested that don't test out as if they were new instead of 'merely' replacing any components that are found burnt, heat damaged, out of spec, or suffering from bad solder connections.

The work performed for our lifetime warranted ultra service ($425) uses the same process as is used with the premium service, but uses the highest end components we've been able to lay our hands on. The result is a module that can withstand about 90 degrees additional on the operating temperature front and a module that runs cooler just generally.

Note, however, that FICM's most often fail due to weak batteries and bad alternators. Please use the few days of downtime on your truck to verify that your batteries and alternator(s) are in tip-top shape. More information on this can be found on our FAQ page.

Payment. Payment is most easily and cost effectively handled by just enclosing a check or money order in the box with your module made payable to FICMrepair.com. The amount of the check tells us what service and return shipping option you want to go with. Payment can also be made to the sales@ficmrepair.com email address via Paypal or via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted) over the phone.

Turnaround. We repair modules the day that they are received, the next day at the very latest, and get them back out in the mail the very next day. Note that shipments sent UPS are not typically received until after our techs are gone for the day. These modules will receive priority the next business day, but are treated as if they came in the next business morning.

Programming. When you receive the module, you install it in your truck, turn the key, and are in business once again. None of our work impacts the programming on your FICM. Of course, if you elect to have a custom Power Hungry Performance tune installed, your module will be upgraded with that, but your ability to just install the module and turn the key remains! See our FAQ page for more information on the programming options that could net you up to THREE MILES TO THE GALLON better fuel economy!!

Extra Protection. If you are interested in obtaining a cleaner for your injectors, custom created for the 6.0, just check off the appropriate boxes on our Intake Form for either Hot Shot Secret (for the oil side of the injectors) and/or FP Diesel Extreme (for the fuel side). Unlike other products that require continuous use, these products just require an initial treatment and then periodic maintenance moving forward. More information available at HotShotSecret.com. If you want both of these (and...you do...), you'll save a few bucks on the total via saved shipping expense.

Shipment Notification. There is no need to notify us that you are sending your FICM in for repair. Just drop it in a box with the intake form and payment, and we'll do the rest!

Previously worked on modules. While we will repair previously worked on modules, we charge an additional $50 bench fee to assess and ultimately clean up the damage caused by other's soldering and component replacing attempts, taking extra time to ensure that neighboring components haven't been heat-damaged in the prior repair process. There are no exceptions to this policy given the time it takes for this additional testing.

Core Exchange. If you are interested in our core exchange program, please contact us for details. When you do so, please provide the year of your truck. If you have a 2004, please look at the passenger side valve cover. If you see a three wire sensor on the top right in front of where you add oil, then you have the late build version that is considered the 04-07 production version. If you don't see this sensor and only see the glow plug controller, then you have the 2003/early 2004 production version.

Backlogs and Service Order. We have nearly always met our service promise of working on modules the day that they are received and thus have been able to ship them back out the next business day. On those days that we cannot do this due to the volume received, modules asking for Express Mail return on our intake form will be worked on first, followed by modules asking for Priority Mail return.

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